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Why Reviews Are So Important

Three-quarters of the British public read reviews, and a quarter of all purchases are determined by a review. Clearly, the experience of others holds more weight than the sales pitch of a shop assistant. The fact that online reviews are also one of the most significant factors for Britons when deciding to purchase a product or service is evident from the Review Marketing study by Marloes Dobbe, who won the Anton Dreesman Thesis Award in 2011 for her research into review marketing: The Importance of Online Reviews.

Key statistics from this study:

  • 20% of British consumers occasionally write an online review.
  • 75% of consumers read online reviews.
  • 25% of purchases are influenced by reviews.

Consumers delve into reviews to save costs, because they place more trust in a review than an advertisement, and to mitigate financial and emotional risks. I wholeheartedly agree with her recommendation: “Savvy entrepreneurs adopt a proactive attitude towards reviews. More so, they turn customers into advocates.”

By 2017, these figures had substantially increased, and review marketing (Referral Marketing) and Word of Mouth (WOM) have become the primary marketing tools. Nowadays, 81% of consumers do their research online before visiting a store, and over 38% of purchases are influenced by reviews and online customer experiences. It might be wise to invest in a reliable review system.

Now, here’s where it gets interesting! A quarter of consumers are willing to pay more for higher-rated services. Research by Henk Kroezen, author of the book “Review,” indicates that 40% of consumers find it off-putting when no reviews are available about a company, product, or service. Most strikingly, over 25% are willing to pay more if a company, product, or service receives positive reviews.

The main benefits of reviews include:

  1. Reviews help earn consumer trust.
  2. Reviews assist in increasing your revenue and improving your margin.
  3. Reviews provide feedback for product and service improvement.
  4. Reviews offer insights into your target market (what your customers truly value).

The Added Value of a 5-Star Specialist Now that we know more and more consumers are even willing to pay extra for good ratings, we need to consider the ratings themselves. Collecting reviews helps you understand what your customers value, the real needs, expectations, or frustrations, and where your strengths and weaknesses lie. This information is incredibly valuable, and almost any review system is suitable for this purpose.

However, if you want to use reviews to boost consumer confidence and increase your revenue, the reviews must also be credible. Consumers are accustomed to reviews being represented by a 0 to 5-star rating system. Hopefully, you’ll understand that a title like “5-Star Specialist” takes on an extra special significance due to this.

Multiple studies have shown that reviews significantly influence consumer purchasing behaviour. However, there’s increasing manipulation of reviews, leading consumers to focus on the authenticity and reliability of these reviews.

The “5-Star Specialist” quality mark is the first of its kind focusing on customer satisfaction and verifies the authenticity of reviews. With a hybrid model combining a quality mark, a review system, and the Net Promoter Score, a new form of review marketing has emerged.

With the 5-Star Specialist quality mark, you can show that your business operates under the policy “everything for a satisfied customer.” While that sounds appealing, to make it credible and reliable for the consumer, we use our review system. By collecting reviews, we can also calculate your Net Promoter Score, creating a benchmark for the service level of a company. This allows us to express a company’s service level in a number. A badge holder must maintain a minimum NPS of 35 to be worthy of the quality mark and continue carrying it. Additionally, you will get systematic insights into your potential areas for improvement, which you can use to enhance your internal business processes.

As a 5-Star Specialist, you can take advantage of the review system and all its benefits as others do. What you get extra with us is a marketing tool that allows you to better meet the desires and concerns of your (potential) customers. They want to feel that you are the best option for them. Show them that by demonstrating you operate as a 5-Star Specialist, highlighting that you are committed to satisfying your customers and are willing to go the extra mile when necessary. Our review system allows you to confirm this by showing how your own customers have experienced it.

Everything for a Satisfied Customer: Good advice is worth its weight in gold. As an accredited 5-Star Specialist, our aim isn’t just to sell you a product or service, but to ensure a delightful purchase experience. This guarantees that you’re dealing with a shop committed to your complete satisfaction.

Feedback from Our Customers: We take pride in our work and our customers. If you’re interested in their opinions, check out our reviews.

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